Got an itch to build a civilization?  Got 10 minutes?

Explore the world with your hero, collect resources, build stuff, and compete against other AI-controlled civs in this short-session turn-based civilization-building game.

The Essense of 4X

With a unique avatar focus, Civ Hero scratches that Civ itch with exploration, resource collection, civilization expansion, combat with local monsters, and competition with other AI civilizations.

Infinite Scenarios

Each scenario is procedurally generated and seeded with random AI civ leaders.  Every session is unique.

Play on Mobile and Tablets

Playable on touch devices, including phones and tablets.

Like it?  Tell me!

Please let me know if you like the game.  If people enjoy it and keep playing it, I'll keep working on it!  Leave a comment here or contact me.


2019.12.13 - lots of changes

  • Can unlock the ability to trade resources
  • Much better mobile experience in many ways
  • UI improvements - better sizing, positioning, etc.  World is more visible during game.

2019.10.10 - First itch.io prototype

Key Future Plans

Subject to feedback from players...

  • New art and audio for everything
  • Many bug fixes and improvements
  • Custom game setup
  • Improved AI
  • Replay feature (review how the game went)
  • Unique Civ Abilities? (e.g. China starts with extra science)
  • Long-Arc goals (e.g. win in various ways as different civs)
  • Unique scenarios
  • Content unlocked through community play

... and many other misc ideas.

Development log


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Awesome stuff! I encountered a few small things:
- The Victory Progress screen doesn't go away after returning to the main menu

- The main menu button is un-marked and incorrectly placed(assuming it should be in the top right) on 3440x1440 resolution

- The main menu doesn't pop after winning, and displays behind the win text

Cool - I will fix all that!  Thanks for the notes!


I love it, and would like to see more ! But what exactly, I am not sure...
Maybe more interactions with other players ?

I'd fell that terrains change much to the game... Maybe is ther something to do there ? (Movement, bonus on cities production, or expansion costs)

Yeah, some of the terrain types are technically the same, from a gameplay point of view.  Just to review:

  • mountains, lakes, ocean :  impassable
  • hills : when you stand on one, you can see farther
  • forest, plains, desert : normal

They do produce different resources (e.g. "rare plants" vs. "nomads", but those differences are only visible in tooltips.  :)).  I may make those have some different impact at some point.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

TypeError: a.system.localStorageObject.hasData is not a function c_rat.js:827:213

Hey, thank you for reporting that!  Was that on startup?  What browser were you in?

startup, Waterfox

Thanks.  I've uploaded a new version that I hope avoids that error.  I tested in Waterfox in Windows, but wasn't able to repro the original bug.  If you have a chance to confirm the fix, I'd appreciate it.  And maybe let me know what platform you're on?

didn't fix it, running on win 7,

it does run on chrome on my win 10 work pc.